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Traditional joinery of design furniture

  Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba, established 1946



Baiame Library

Baiame in aborigin mythology god, who stepped down from heaven to the ground, to create nature and landscape. Then he gave to people traditions, songs and culture.

Library Baiame offers beside book storing also place for their reading and relaxation. In  the back of library, there is a sliding chair. After its displacement, shelves are uncovered.

Corpus is made from boards veneered by exotic vener padouk. Front and back of library is made from a sophisticated hand - spliced veneer marquetry.


Folding chair Numakulla

Numakulla in aboriginal mythology was a pair of gods, who created all life on earth. Numakulla is free spirit, who is enjoying the company of gods. Sometimes it is portrayed as a pair, sometimes as two separate gods. This parallelism corresponds to two chairs, each can be image slung on the wall in stowed position and a chair as such when unfolded.


The chair is made of solid beech. The back is veneered by eucalyptus, the front then by manually spliced impressive marquetry from Polar walnut and American walnut. Marquetry motif of concentric circles and the diverging rays is based on aboriginal art, which carries sacred spiritual knowledge. Chair edges are stained into the decor of eucalyptus.

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