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Traditional joinery of design furniture

  Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba, established 1946

Kids room

Design of the kids room for two little girls was created by architect Tereza Šašková, who ephasized especially effectiveness of the layout and its functional organization, what is for the attic especially important.

The storage space is situated there, where was possible to use the whole width and height of the room, is custom-made. Second part of the room is dedicated to toys and playing. And the third part is the "calm zone" for sleeping. The beds are custom-made from massive oak, so that they could have rounded edges same as the shelves above. When the kids get older, there is the possibility to add desks.

The design is based on natural materials and neutral colors, which are complemented by pastel tones. But the pastel tones were chosen especially for accessories, which is possible to change easily in future. That is why the room can "grow" together with girls.



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