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Traditional joinery of design furniture

  Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba, established 1946

Bedroom and Living room

Design od living room with kitchen corner in a detached house in Prague - Řeporyje. Even though it is almost new, it has its seconds owners yet. That´s why it was necessary to redesign the interior.


In the living room, there was necessary to solve the arrangement of furniture with respect to the doors position. When respecting the requirement for a corner sofa, it was possible to place TV only in a corner. Small storage space is solved with a shelf system on the adjacent walls. Living room is in pastel tones, foremost grey and greenish, which are combined with oak wood decor. Shading is done with sliding Japanese walls.

Kitchen corner is original, solved was only the cladding behind the worktop and other details like the paintings coloring. The dining part is equipped with a spacious table in oak decor and chairs in neutral white color.


The bedroom style freely follows the living room. In bedroom, we focused especially on wardrobe, which has plenty of storage space, clear internal division and reflects also an attic wall.

The result is a pleasant interior, in which its owners feel good.

Design - Ing. arch. Tereza Šašková

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