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Traditional joinery of design furniture

  Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba, established 1946

Restaurant interior, Mladá Boleslav

The aim was to design interior of restaurant which is universal and suit all customers in different times of the day.

The restaurant is equipped with wooden tables in decor American Walnut, which are completed by distinctive chairs in black and gold colour. Bar and the visible part of the kitchen should also be decorated in dark colours and wall by this part should have a golden hue. Space is completed by arch - shaped chandelier, arc is finished by the bulb on both sides.

What makes the interior interesting, is the shape of the ceiling. There are used white boards carved into arches and applied with offset to create like waves. The surface of the floor should be made from a cast concrete. Supporting concrete columns should be black.

The space is surrounded by windows from three sides, so it can be perceived like too open. Therefore, it is good to integrate shielding elements to complete the interior. We chose curtains which can be partially or completely dragged and can be in different colours and translucent. By this we can partly replace missing walls. In front of windows can be placed paintings or photos in the context of exhibitions which are also planned.

Lounge is separated by glass walls and can be used as a boardroom.

Terrace can be exploited as a part of the restaurant, there should be paving complemented by greens in flowerpots.

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