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Traditional joinery of design furniture

  Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba, established 1946


Are you interested in the production of individual custom furniture? As a manufacturer, we guarantee an essentially unlimited variety of solutions, according to your design or we make a design for you.


We offer furniture manufacturing according to your ideas. We can design furniture according to your instructions, or make a specific design. In case you don´t know options of furniture, we give you an advice  about constructional solutions suitable for specific piece of furniture. As for the decor, you can choose from wide range of veneers and/or lacquer. We are focused on precise craft processing and on detail.


During the initial consultation we look forward to your documents. In case of your own design, we welcome sketches and drawings. But suffice to us an idea which we transfer to a paper and, with your help, finish to a form which you like the most. Of course, we introduce all possibilities, material that we work with (including choice of decor from samplers), with the aim to find the best solution for you.


In case of mutual satisfaction we make an offer, including drawings of the furniture. Then we sign a contract and tight up order to the end.


In case of choosing from our furniture collections NUX or Archilles is possibility to modify dimensions or decor.

We treat each customer individually as well as every piece of furniture.

You are the most important, because you are the ones who will enjoy the furniture subsequently.

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