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Traditional joinery of design furniture

  Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba, established 1946

                    Tailored to your specific requirements

In the production of furniture, it is necessary to adhere to the requirements of anthropometry, the science dealing with human dimensions.  And, also ergonomics, which deals with adapting the dimensions of things to the needs of a man. Already in the 5th century Protagoras said: “Of all things man is the measure.” If you are small or large, you sure know the problem with the height of the chair seat, table top or the length of the bed for the usual furniture bought in malls. If you choose to buy custom-made furniture, these problems disappear, because furniture will be designed on the dot for you.


                    Get maximum of your space

Function an practicality above all – we obey by this. Nowadays, we have loads of stuff and no space, it would be great pity to waste precious space due to bad furniture choosing.  Interior affect us as a whole, due to this, furniture should be in harmony with other furnishings.

                    No compromises, we make exactly what you want

                    Originality – genuinely no one will have the same piece of furniture as you

Do you remember old villas from the end of 19th and start of 20th century, which amaze us till today? It is the quality of materials used and precisely made details. This could be reached mostly because manufacturer knew client’s and architect’s requirements.

                   We have experiences, follow news and trends – and we will be glad to shar it with you

We are in everyday touch with furniture and design trends and we visit furniture fairs, so we can find the best solution for your situation.

                   After all, you save time and money

Thanks to fair hand work and well – made details, our furniture will last much and much longer, than that, which is produced in hundreds per day. You don’t have to stroll shopping centres, so you save time. You will avoid double purchases by trial and error method.

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