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Traditional joinery of design furniture

  Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba, established 1946

The design has several phases - from the initial idea to the realization.

                   Initial meeting

Initial meeting is non – binding meeting of a client and architect. Client communicates his/her idea about interior. It is appropriate to have materials related to the space (such as construction documents /if client has it/, plan with basic dimensions, photos, etc.) prepared. Client also tells architect his idea about colours, materials, styles, etc. and most important information – budget – how much do you want to spend?

Based on this meeting, the price offer is sent, if client agrees, the contract is signed and the cooperation can begin.

                    Ongoing consultations

If there is not construction documentation, it is necessary to gauge the space. Architect introduces first drawings based on information from initial meeting, furthermore consults ongoing results of his/her work to reach the best result. Often more variants are presented, so client can choose.


                   Final design

Design contains everything what is set in contract. Usually it means 2 – D drawings (top view and wall views) of rooms with overall disposition and arrangement of furniture, 3 – D visualisation, colour and material schemes (from floorings to curtains), list of used interior elements, eventually drawings of custom furniture. It means everything, what is necessary to know for realisation.


                   Realization of design

The final decision between whole interior realisation or just custom furniture manufacturing at our firm lies on client. We recommend whole realisation, because we made the design, so we know it in detail a we know exactly how it was thought. Before realisation another price offer is prepared, there is set range of realisation, price, deadlines and terms of payment, after client's approval, the contract is signed.Then building adjustments in logic order are made, architect is also in role of clerk of works. At this phase, there is the last space for changes against the plan, it is possible to change details such as handles, interior equipment of wardrobes or choice of lamps.



                   Finishing and handover

Finishing of details to final look prepared to handover. Precise check of result from all interested – client, architect and realisation firm. The handover protocol is signed and interior is put into use.







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